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Content recognition technology makes your content work up the way smooth. Now get your ad ready and running easy.

Aim your game

We pick specific websites and social media apps to promote your content. Your content now reaches wider audiences.

Quality hits ensured

We ensure no hiccups remain once the traffic has passed through us. You get only genuine visitors.

Real-time clicks!

Our suite of tools keeps your success ticking. Every passing minute flows in the response to your campaign.

Customer Acquisition

We help you reach and engage buyers. They see their profits in having work association with you is our promise.Enhance your profit, get cost effective and make your business better.

Sales, leads, installs, potential clients, brand awareness are what we make more effective and performance based. We better your online presence. You are no more a drop in the ocean, we make the highest wave. Be ready for the sprint!


  • Conversion Path Tracking

    Track your customers. Know your strength. Through our tool, you could keep a live track of customers action towards lead up, purchase and goal. Monitor the effects of special incentives on affiliate behavior.

  • Click Origin

    Identify the exact pages which affiliates are sending you traffic from. Prepare creatives to upgrade your strength and presence among affiliates.

  • Custom Reporting

    Our Custom Reporting provides automated snapshot feature on easy identifiable interface. Now you can keep specific sets of important data. Enjoy a consistent optimization of placements.

  • AdMonitor

    Ad Monitor monitors how viewers or hits use your brand. It protects your brand with the use of relevant keywords across search channels and reports ads in search ads.

  • On the go!

    Our Account managers are adept in handling the affiliate environment really well. They are well versed with their job of knowing and working for you!

  • API

    You don’t have to wait for manual feed updates. That is how we work! We serve you everything, automated!

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We work easy, smooth and fast. You pay us on performance. understands that Affiliate Marketing is performance based. We keep the performance flexible with the expected hits. This is a lucrative and fast paced industry. We are a transparent lot in the online world. Our advertisers benefit from the ability to fully control their account through their advertiser control panel. This enables real-time reporting, campaign analysis, creative control and financial management :)

We earn commission for generated leads. We are not here for fees, monthly retainers or management fees. Attitude is definitely our only criterion for success.

Our Account managers are assigned the task to advise, assist and optimize your campaign(s).